Hailing from Vancouver Island, Zoubi and the Sea is rapidly evolving into a force to be reckoned with. Growing from their sound rooted in folk music, the tides have turned them into one hell of a soulful rock band, They pair sultry saxophone solos with dynamic instrumentals to accompany Zoubi’s timeless vocals. Their performance swells with passion and leaves you with all the feels. Forming in 2015, the quartet crafts folk-rock melodies reminiscent of Feist or Tegan and Sara. In August of 2015, Zoubi released her solo album mastered at Baker Studios and embarked East on an EP release tour together with Devarrow. Influenced by The Black Keys, Metric and The Alabama Shakes, Zoubi and the Sea will surely keep you afloat.

This year, the band won the “Play Song and Surf Festival” competition, where they shared a bill with Man Made Lake. From there they earned themselves a spot opening for Jon and Roy alongside The Wild Romantics. They are currently in the studio recording their debut album.