The Bad are here to rock your soul. They deliver the emotional, passionate Rock N Roll that singer/songwriter Ryan Olszewski feels is severely lacking in current modern music. “I know that it is out there, you can find it, but digging for the style of music I want to hear is getting harder every day.” The Bad pack the punch of classic rock, and blend it with the influences of their thick record collections, giving them a classic yet fresh vibe. Sounds of psychedelic guitars, roots rock stomp, blues, and straight up house-rocking anthems are all over their debut album Seasons. They wear their influences on their sleeves. Rock & Roll comes in the form of Bruce Springsteen and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Country and folk influences are easily found in the form of such classics as Jennings, Cash, and Van Zandt. This all shines through in a way like Lucero and Ryan Bingham do, mixing it with a punk grit.

Consisting of former and current members of notable bands such as Smith & Lyseng, Aegis Fang, No Horses , Gypsy Hacks & Insomniacs, and The Dylan Stone Band, The Bad comes from a very diverse background. “We all came from different backgrounds, but we all knew and respected each other well before we decided to give it a go as a band. After a few rehearsals, we knew that it was the lineup we’d been looking for,” said Ryan Olszewski . As soon as Ryan Olszewski (guitar/vocals), Nathaniel Noel (guitar/vocals), Jordan Cunningham (bass), and Tyler Jackson Piercy (drums) hit the stage, they started sharing it with the most notable acts in their hometown of Victoria. Packed shows with bands such as The Chantrelles, Bonehoof, Smith & Lyseng, Percheron, & Shoestring Bourbon have quickly became the norm.

Their debut album Seasons is out now and they plan to support that album with shows around Western Canada. Buy the vinyl at your local brick & mortar shop, at a show, or you can buy the digital copy here