Sisters [FRIDAY]

Seattle duo SISTERS exploded in mid-2014 as a collaboration between celebrated musicians Emily Westman and Andrew Vait. Their debut single, Back 2 U, immediately captured the attention of the Seattle music scene, and SISTERS quickly hopped onto the lineups for the Capitol Hill Block Party and Fisherman’s Village Music Festival and opened for Kithkin’s album release and recent superstar Allen Stone.

Emily and Andrew first met as students at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, where Emily studied percussion and composition, and Andrew studied saxophone and jazz voice. Following their studies, they both moved to Seattle in 2009, exploring separate projects. Andrew’s solo projects found early success, with a song from his EP, The Pros and Cons of Drowning, featured on the popular CW series, 90210. His band Eternal Fair earned praise as a “huge breakout band from Seattle”, while Emily played with bands such as Barsuk’s Blunt Mechanic and The Torn ACLs. In 2013, Emily joined Lemolo, finding success diving into a Northwest tour, opening for Mary Lambert at Seattle’s revered Showbox Theater, and recording Lemolo’s upcoming full length album.

Emily was also recruited, as a drummer and orchestral arranger, to join the Seattle Rock Orchestra in 2009. Her arrangements have been featured on SRO’s tributes to artists such as Arcade Fire, The Beatles, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Queen, Muse and Stevie Wonder. Andrew and Emily were reunited when Andrew was invited to sing on SRO’s tribute to Queen. His performance was described as “extraordinary”, as he wowed the audience with his striking vocal range and powerful stage presence. As Andrew and Emily continued to work together in SRO, the possibility of a collaboration became increasingly exciting, and SISTERS came to fruition.

Quickly garnering attention as the new band to watch, SISTERS’ style is the perfect blend of formal musical training and inherent creativity. Marked by complex harmonies, unpredictable melodies, and layered rhythmic patterns, Emily and Andrew cover more ground than should be possible for two musicians. Andrew’s powerfully dynamic vocals blend unexpectedly with Emily’s gentle singing to create a unique timbre, soaring over undeniable rhythmic groove. Their live performances are like a lesson in multi-tasking, as they each play keys, synth, guitar, drums, percussion, and tabla. SISTERS’ undeniable energy is infectious, and each song captivating.

As they continue to make their mark on Seattle’s vibrant music scene, their audience will testify that never were there such dedicated SISTERS.

Their debut EP is set to be released September 19th, 2014.