If you’ve ever been to an event in Victoria, chances are you know who Mykee is. Not only is he one of Victoria’s most tenured DJs, but he also runs Reliable Entertainment – the longest running Electronic music-based company on Vancouver Island.

Mike has been in the scene since 1996. He started out working at rave parties before knowing what they really were and little did he know it would change his life forever. Back then people couldn’t exactly buy albums of their favorite songs they heard at raves, so Mike had started his own record collection not knowing at the time he was going to become a DJ. in 1997, Mike started playing at House parties and before he knew it, was scouted by local promoters. He called himself, Shy Mike” up until 2000 where he changed it to Mykee. It was when he threw his first ever event, “S.I.P.” in April of 2000 where Mykee was announced, and from that point forward he became the most on demand DJ in the Vancouver Island scene for a good 5-6 years, playing every weekend at various rave parties or club nights.

During Mykee’s peak, he collaborated with two of his friends on a weekly club night called Swerve @ Sweetwaters Nightclub. This happened every Tuesday night from 2001-2004 and is still to this day one of the most memorable weeklies Victoria has ever seen in the Electronic music scene. Having line ups around the corner consistently on a Tuesday is no easy feat!

Fast forwarding to the past 4 years or so, Mike has established himself in many different ways, keeping himself stapled to the Vancouver Island scene. Some attributes include becoming part of the Hush Nightclub family as a resident DJ and promoter, joining the Renegade Sound beach stage family at the now retired Soundwave Music Festival, being apart of the decision making for VEMF (Victoria Electronic Music Festival), winning the, “Best Electronic Promotions” award at the Victoria Nightlife Awards, being nominated for Best House DJ multiple years in a row, and hosting countless events bringing in names that are now some of the biggest names in the world.

As a DJ, Mykee is very versatile. His inspiration from back in the day are that of Czech, Donald Glaude, Mark Farina, Deko-Ze and Freestylers so you an imagine the styles of music he has played over the years. These days he likes to focus primarily on House music, however that in itself can go multiple different ways with all its crazy sub-genres. Mike’s ability to read a crowd is what allows him to be diverse. Wether it’s Deep House on the beach in the morning, Funky House in the afternoon, or that Peak Hour House at night, he will surely have the right setting for any kind of party!

The Summer of 2013 is the Mykee’s best one yet, with bookings for 5 festivals – Tall Tree Music Festival, Believe Freedom Festival, Motion Notion, VEMF and the biggest achievement of them all.. Shambhala! ♥