Man Made Lake [THURSDAY]

Man Made Lake has evolved into a rock sound that will allure listeners. Electronic elements combine with distortion; blues currents slam into progressive rhythms and it all runs together to form Man Made Lake’s unique sound. The band has changed and grown over the years from their humble beginnings in Victoria to playing festivals and developing their craft to sold-out shows in China, then back to their homeland where they began to build an expanding and enthusiastic fan base. Named “Best Emerging Band” by Monday Magazine at the 2012 M Awards and declared 1 of 4 Acts to Watch in 2013 by the Times-Colonist, MML is poised to take the world by storm. With their 2012 album “Murky Waters” nominated for a Vancouver Island Music Award and already having shared billing with Great Lake Swimmers and The British Columbians, Man Made Lake is becoming a fixture in the BC music scene. The group consists of six chaps led by frontman Colin Craveiro. The beauty of Man Made Lake is in the diversity; a variety of influences and personalities lead to a distinct sound. This is a band that strives to never make the same song twice, yet always stays true to their ethos of imaginative music. Dedicated and devoted, the men of MML will stop at nothing to see their music spread far and wide