Flipout & Jesse Manason [SATURDAY]

In Vancouver, DJ Flipout may be best known for his gig on 94.5 Virgin Radio, where he does a 100% live mixshow in studio featuring Top 40 hits for The 5 O’clock Traffic Jam. But before 2006, when he started doing these 250 mixshows a year on the radio, he’d already done a bunch of other stuff. He had published a rap magazine called “elements”, recorded a album with Madchild (from Swollen Members) and battled as a b-boy with his crew, Contents Under Pressure. He also battled MCs on the mic and won. And a couple years ago he battled as a DJ for the first time ever and he did pretty good. More about that later.
As far his radio goes, for two years, Flip’s all hip-hop mix show with Jay Swing was named “Best Mixshow in Canada” by the Canadian Urban Music Industry. That show, “Straight Goods”, was the longest running Hip Hop show on commercial radio in Canada (1998-2006). Flip also handled the interviews for the show with visiting artists, including Kanye West, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and perhaps the most important interview he ever did, Afrika Bambaataa, the Godfather of Hip Hop Culture. This interview became a 2-hour “Straight Goods” classic. As a bonus, Afrika Bambaataa made Flip an honorary member of the Universal Zulu Nation.

Jesse Manason is quickly becoming one of the most recognized drummers on the West Coast. With his high energy solo performance and captivating drum remix videos, Jesse always leaves his audience wanting more. His balance of passion and talent make for an unforgettable experience.