DJ LOW is a turntablist known for blending classic and contemporary forms of urban music, transitioning between eras of Hip Hop, Rap, R&B and Soul music. A DJ Low set can go anywhere from Gang Starr to Kendrick Lamar to James Brown and anything in between. On the low, he’s been known for fostering the local Victoria hip hop scene for over a decade, performing with Canadian artists such as Skratch Bastid, Josh Martinez, Peanuts & Corn Records, and more. This year Low was blessed to be on lineups with Souls of Mischief, Slum Village, Pete Rock, Yo Gotti, Wave Chapelle, Def3, Madchild, Snak, Relic, Ghettosocks, SonReal, DFE and Sweatshop Union. Low’s rocked sets at musical tribute nights including 90’s Hip Hop Night with DJ Flipout (Van) and Jesse Manason, Jay Z & Beyonce night with DJ Shrew, Drake/Rihanna night with Alex Davies, and the NWA Tribute night with DJ Speedyshoes. Low is the house DJ for Victoria’s monthly Hip Hop Karaoke (HHK) at Lucky Bar. He also holds down a regular spot at Sticky, Lucky Bar’s Future Rap/Trap/Hip Hop night. Stay Fresh, Get Low.