Growing up in a small town on Canada’s Atlantic Coast, this Brooklyn resident has quickly earned a reputation as one of house and disco’s most respected artists. With breakout tracks like his 2012 crossover hits It Ain’t Easy & It’s My Love, Bit Funk has established an international fan base and lived up to the hype with a steady touring schedule in the United States, Canada and Europe.

With remixes for Viceroy, Treasure Fingers, GRUM, as well as other notable artists, Bit Funk has garnered support from heavyweights such as Alan Braxe, The Magician, RAC, Oliver, Jody Wisternoff and even Flosstradamus. His memorable hooks and smooth melodies weave a signature sound that delivers equally well on the dance floor, or as the soundtrack to your daily life. The former drummer’s productions draw their influences from far and wide, paying respects to the classics while making their mark in the contemporary club scene.

As a DJ, Bit Funk has an ever increasing plate, playing crowds from Miami to Los Angeles, and Newfoundland to Vancouver. Fresh off his first European tour, which saw him fill clubs in London, Berlin, Madrid and more, Bit Funk is poised to capitalize on his momentum and break out internationally this year.


Hot, sweaty dance floors with feet stomping and every body moving. Grooves for days. Monster horns

and shredding psych-rock guitars. Oh, and giant killer robots. Let’s not forget about those.

These are among the elements that make up the Five Alarm Funk experience. The Vancouver-based

band is nine men strong and over a decade deep into a career that has seen it release five acclaimed

albums and burn up stages across the country on four national tours. And this vehicle isn’t about to slow

down. In fact, Five Alarm Funk is just picking up steam.

Don’t be fooled by the name: there’s more to Five Alarm Funk than, well, funk. Just ask drummer Tayo

Branston, who says that, although they are rooted in the style that gives the outfit its name, he and his

bandmates thrive on being able to transcend that genre by seamlessly mixing in elements of Gypsy rock,

Latin music, ska, and even prog-metal. “I would say that it’s intense, passionate, and fun, genre-

spanning music that really anybody can get onboard with,” Tayo says. “It’s got such an array of different

sounds, and you can tell that each player has his own individual take and input into each track.”

Need proof? Take a listen to any of Five Alarm Funk’s studio albums, which include Anything Is Possible

(winner of Instrumental Album of the Year at the 2011 Western Canadian Music Awards) and Rock the

Sky (which was nominated for Instrumental Recording of the Year at the 2013 WCMAs and Instrumental

Album of the Year at that year’s Juno Awards.)

FAF’s fifth studio LP, released last June, is the hard-rocking Abandon Earth. Produced by Ben Kaplan

(Mother Mother, Biffy Clyro), Abandon Earth is a concept record about the destruction of Earth by a

giant tyrannical robot. Abandon Earth has once again been nominated for the Western Canadian Music

Award for Instrumental Recording of the Year, with Kaplan also garnering nominations for his

engineering and production.

The band took the album’s Balkan-inspired horns, prog-metal six-string shredding, and ambitious,

cinematic arrangements on tour across Canada and into the United States in the summer of 2014. And

the road goes ever on. Five Alarm Funk will hit the studio again this winter, with a new record slated for

next spring, and after that? Well, the plan is to take on the entire planet, but FAF will be happy to get

the party started in the U.S. And Europe. Not to mention Australia and New Zealand.


The debut full-length album from Vancouver’s Bear Mountain, XO, is an exuberant whirlwind of an album that strikes a balance between long-form instrumental techno and soulful, vocal-driven dance club anthems. Centered around the duo of singer/songwriter Ian Bevis and guitarist Kyle Statham, Bear Mountain also includes Ian’s twin brother, drummer Greg Bevis, and Creative Director Kenji Rodriguez. The band build its densely layered dance music by mixing live and sampled drums, ’80s-sounding keyboards, and Statham’s arpeggiated, delay pedal-drenched guitar lines. Soaring on top of all of this is Ian’s soulful tenor croon, often tackling the hook that, in a house track, would ordinarily be provided by a sample. This combination of electronic meets electric instrumentation gives Bear Mountain’s largely dance-oriented music an organic, somewhat psychedelic, improvisational quality, as if they were playing and mixing the tracks live. Over half the songs on XO are instrumental; they’re woozy, often dizzying, but each still has a melodic through-line to keep your attention, even amid disparate swirls of abstract sound. Bear Mountain’s influences are definitely hard to pin down, spanning genres like R&B, jazz, Latin, orchestral pop, dance-rock, and house. This cross-genre approach means that Bear Mountain fit just as nicely next to alternative soul acts like Under the Influence of Giants and Scissor Sisters as they do next to more cutting-edge artists like Cut Copy and Frankmusik. Tracks like “Congo,” “Faded,” and “Sing” are uplifting, infectious club-ready cuts that move both your soul and your feet.


Vince Vaccaro (born 1980) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist and record producer. He has performed largely as a solo artist, appearing both solo acoustic, and backed up by a five to eight piece band.

His musical influences include Bruce Springsteen, Ben Harper, Eddie Vedder, and Adam Granduciel of the War on Drugs.

Vaccaro has played shows in Canada, Australia, and the US, sharing stages with bands such as Mumford & Sons, Temper Trap, Awol Nation, Matt Mays, Jay Malinowski & the Deadcoast, Sam Roberts, City & Colour, and Bedouin Soundclash, amongst many others.

He was born in Montreal, Quebec, and grew up in Victoria, British Columbia.


From the time WiL Mimnaugh can remember he was sitting in on ‘The Friday Night Garage Sessions’ where his parents would gather friends and jam to the likes of Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins and Hank Williams. Before reaching his teens he would sit for hours practicing on his fathers old Yamaki. Noting his son’s aptitude, ‘Billy’ woke on Christmas morning 1981 to find his very own ‘Fender Acoustic’ sitting under the tree.

Never one to love school, he headed to Vancouver to try his hand as a chalkboard artist for restaurants like Earls but music was never far from his mind so he decided it was time to head home to Calgary. An impromptu acoustic performance for a birthday song at The Barley Mill Pub led to his first gig and soon enough he was playing his favorite covers to a packed house five nights a week—being the early ‘90s that meant Nirvana, Jeff Buckley, Pearl Jam and Radiohead but one day he simply decided he needed to write his own music. In 2002 WiL released his debut album Both Hands and sold 6000 copies off stage in its first year leading to three WCMA’s nominations including a nod for ‘Producer’ and ‘Best Live Act’ which allowed him to tour for the next three years with bands like Colin James, Xavier Rudd, The Tea Party and Matthew Good among others.

WiL first became intrigued with the “idea” of writing for film in October 2008, when the original track, ‘Big Life’ was placed in a pivotal hospital scene in the ABC TV series, ‘Eli Stone’ yet it was while recording his 3rd and independent album, ‘In This Together’ in 2009 and working with producer and commercial composer Bruce Leitl that WiL really started coming into his own as a songwriter. The pairing, by his friend and music mentor Dan McManus, was initiated in order to help further develop his songwriting skills and melody structure. Tragically, Bruce passed away before the album was finished yet WiL admits with a smile that “Bruce was the Porsche and I was the pickup. He and I had vastly different musical tastes but differences aside he helped me become a better songwriter.

And so, in 2011 WiL’s original song ‘Roam’ was chosen to represent Travel Alberta’s award winning ad campaign ‘Remember To Breathe’. Shortly afterward, he was commissioned to compose the theme song (called Ride) for the Calgary Stampede’s 100th anniversary. The flagship video ‘Alberta’ featuring ‘Roam’ won the Diamond Award in 2012 for Best Overall Entry at ITB Berlin (considered the OSCARS of International Travel and Tourism Industry) and 3 awards in 2013 including Gold for the video ‘Summer’, featuring WiL’s brand new song ‘There Is’. WiL is currently working on his 5th studio album but will take a break in October and then select dates through November and December to tour in support of a much anticipated live album aptly titled WiL-Live at the IronwooD


Jordan Klassen returns with Javelin. On his sophomore album the Vancouver based songwriter dissects his struggles, embraces his demons, digs up old ghosts, and comes out with his hands clean on the other end. Forced to process his mother’s breast cancer diagnosis and to work through the throws of anxiety and writer’s block, Klassen chose to document specific life events through song – particularly events that he had deemed as his failures. Speaking about Javelin he states, “It’s an exploration of re-examining these failures and looking at them in a different light, finding hope and choosing forgiveness, admitting my own weaknesses, exposing weakness as strength.”The self-produced LP was recorded at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, Texas. Klassen lived at the ranch for two weeks, working day and night with engineer Jerry Ordonez on the songs and eating extravagant amounts of authentic Mexican food. The ten song affair was mixed by Jonathan Anderson (Andy Shauf, Aidan Knight) and mastered by Harris Newman (Wolf Parade, Frog Eyes).Musically the album skates effortlessly from dense and orchestrated to sparse and intimate, but its inspiration may come as a surprise. Klassen’s keen sense of mood and atmosphere date back to his youth. “I wanted to give a nod to a genre often overlooked but that shaped me thoroughly as a kid – 80s/90s new age music. Most emphatically Enya. I think I’ve always utilized a sense of etherealism in my songs and I wanted to engage with it all the way.”


Between the desert of British Columbia’s interior and Vancouver Island lies an expanse that has shaped a mindset not dissimilar from what’s commonly associated with southern California. The seemingly laid back lifestyles they share often mask a desperate search for meaning in the superficial, and hope amid cynicism.

Sam Weber’s new album, Valentina Nevada, embodies these themes, employing the Laurel Canyon sounds of Jackson Browne, the Eagles, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell as the foundation for a collection of songs that form a travelogue of the journey Weber and his band have been on for the past two years, both literally and metaphysically. The album’s guiding spirit is its muse, Valentina, and as Weber explains, “All the songs are about the struggle, but Valentina is the only one that gets past it. When choosing a name for this record, I wanted to put Valentina forward, because she’s ahead of me in a lot of ways.”

After releasing his full-length debut album Shadows In The Road in 2014—which Grayowl Point described as “Packed with emotion… there’s scarcely a note out of place”—Weber and his loyal compadres Marshall Wildman, Hugh Mackie, and Esme John, chose to make Valentina Nevada without any outside opinion or influence. That choice allowed them to distill everything they’d experienced together into the new songs: The places they’ve been; the places they have not; the places they’ve played; the places where they’ve broken down; the places they dream about. The album is not a factual interpretation of long, dust-laden southern roads, but an honest impression of those places and the people who inhabit them.

“We’re in a very formative period,” the 23-year-old Weber says. “For a band like us, it would be irresponsible to give the keys to a producer who can’t quite see what we’re going for yet. Without a clear vibe for a producer to build off, it would be chaos, not to mention untrue to who we are.”

Instead, Weber and company have received their education on the road, having played a combined 155 shows in 2014 and 2015, including appearances at Canadian Music Week, Breakout West, Tall Tree Music Festival, Rifflandia Festival, and SunFest in Duncan B.C. The band’s mandate is to play anywhere and everywhere, which has brought Weber a following that spans generations, made up of folks from both large cities and towns off the usual touring grid. For Weber, music is about inclusion and direct communication. “Genres and labeling in music tends to confuse the true intention,” he says. “I don’t want that kind of language to be a barrier between a listener and their natural musical reflexes.”

These are concepts Sam Weber has thought about a lot. Raised in the oceanside community of North Saanich, B.C., his geographic isolation forced his mind inward, which, for better or worse, heavily impacted his outlook as a songwriter. Weber’s writing reflects a romanticization of places where the energy is more tangible than he has experienced thus far in his quiet island life. Valentina Nevada is in some respects an anthology that blends personal biographies with speculative interpretations of people and places imagined from afar.

Sam Weber and his band will reach all of those people and places eventually; their refined musical intuition has accorded them a stunning ability to tune their performances to whatever stage they find themselves on. But along with Weber’s live show, it is the slow-burning beauty of Valentina Nevada that will carry the day, and ultimately solidify his place among the new generation of great Canadian songwriters.


Beyries is a singer/songwriter and self-taught musician.
From an early age, she took refuge and immersed herself in the beauty of the family piano – the background and reassuring figure of her childhood. Several years later came the desire to share and put into music the melodies that inhabit her, genuine exhalations of her past. The result is soft, powerful, touching and intense music, which has the humble ability to bring people together through universal and timeless themes. Her music is captivating and takes us back to what is essential: the heart.
Beyries is currently working on her first EP, directed by Alex McMahon, after the acclaimed release of her demo song, Soldier.


Victoria based pop/rock electro-duo LABS began as an experiment in 2014 between long term collaborators Lindsay Bryan (vocals) and Adam Sutherland (keys and guitar). The intention was to create stock samples for electronic music producers, however, the demos quickly became full songs and thus, LABS was born. Drawing influence from acts like St. Vincent and Phantogram, the band’s sound contrasts high-fi to lo-fi analog synth and guitar tones, hooky melodic vocals, big drums and rich bass tones. The band will make their live performance debut at Rifflandia 2015, joined by keyboardist, Matt Longpre and drummer, Keenan Murray.


For the last twelve years, Davin Greenwell, otherwise known as AFK, has been pushing the progressive sound. Davin has been heavily involved in the West Coast electronic music scene through many years of community and FM radio, club and events promotion, and now most prominently with Pacific Front Recordings (PFR), a music label he operates with Justin Humber, aka Formulate. His performances, once under the name “ariz0na,” have been regarded as legendary by many.

Recording as AFK has seen Davin release many progressive tracks on his home label, Pacific Front Recordings, and has also ventured to remix for other labels as well. His collaboration with Anand Greenwell, Tiebreaker, has been very well received, as well as his collaborations with Dustin H – the most recent being Seismic. Davin has been remixed by names such as Stefan Anion, Powerplant, Shiloh, Steve May, Dumb Dan, Jacob Todd, Dustin H, Jarius Miller, Fractal, Seed, Phokus, Desert Dwellers, Blake Jarrell, Matt Rowan, Jeff Devas, Influenza, Micah, Formulate, Jaytech, c79, His Boy Elroy and more. In addition to the Pacific Front releases, he has music released on Proton Music, collaborated with Dustin H for a release on Emote Music, done remix work for the Los Angeles label Ritual Sounds, and a release out on Inaspace Recordings UK under the guise of Royal Assassin with Thor Kell, also known as Fractal. Davin’s music has extended globally and can be heard in forward-thinking clubs all over the world with support from DJ’s like Sasha and John Digweed, Armin Van Buuren, Dale Anderson, Anthony Pappa, Hybrid, Luke Chable and many more.


If you’ve ever been to an event in Victoria, chances are you know who Mykee is. Not only is he one of Victoria’s most tenured DJs, but he also runs Reliable Entertainment – the longest running Electronic music-based company on Vancouver Island.

Mike has been in the scene since 1996. He started out working at rave parties before knowing what they really were and little did he know it would change his life forever. Back then people couldn’t exactly buy albums of their favorite songs they heard at raves, so Mike had started his own record collection not knowing at the time he was going to become a DJ. in 1997, Mike started playing at House parties and before he knew it, was scouted by local promoters. He called himself, Shy Mike” up until 2000 where he changed it to Mykee. It was when he threw his first ever event, “S.I.P.” in April of 2000 where Mykee was announced, and from that point forward he became the most on demand DJ in the Vancouver Island scene for a good 5-6 years, playing every weekend at various rave parties or club nights.

During Mykee’s peak, he collaborated with two of his friends on a weekly club night called Swerve @ Sweetwaters Nightclub. This happened every Tuesday night from 2001-2004 and is still to this day one of the most memorable weeklies Victoria has ever seen in the Electronic music scene. Having line ups around the corner consistently on a Tuesday is no easy feat!

Fast forwarding to the past 4 years or so, Mike has established himself in many different ways, keeping himself stapled to the Vancouver Island scene. Some attributes include becoming part of the Hush Nightclub family as a resident DJ and promoter, joining the Renegade Sound beach stage family at the now retired Soundwave Music Festival, being apart of the decision making for VEMF (Victoria Electronic Music Festival), winning the, “Best Electronic Promotions” award at the Victoria Nightlife Awards, being nominated for Best House DJ multiple years in a row, and hosting countless events bringing in names that are now some of the biggest names in the world.

As a DJ, Mykee is very versatile. His inspiration from back in the day are that of Czech, Donald Glaude, Mark Farina, Deko-Ze and Freestylers so you an imagine the styles of music he has played over the years. These days he likes to focus primarily on House music, however that in itself can go multiple different ways with all its crazy sub-genres. Mike’s ability to read a crowd is what allows him to be diverse. Wether it’s Deep House on the beach in the morning, Funky House in the afternoon, or that Peak Hour House at night, he will surely have the right setting for any kind of party!

The Summer of 2013 is the Mykee’s best one yet, with bookings for 5 festivals – Tall Tree Music Festival, Believe Freedom Festival, Motion Notion, VEMF and the biggest achievement of them all.. Shambhala! ♥


2015 was a momentous year for The Dylan Stone Band. They competed and won The Road To Sunfest Competition, which saw them play an opening slot for Chad Brownlee and then an openfor Keith Urban at the Sunfest Music Festival to a crowd exceeding 15,000 people. Dylan also had the opportunity to open for legendary Austin songwriter Alejandro Escovedo and Grammy Award winner Juice Newton among others. The Dylan Stone Band have played multiple tours from British Columbia to Alberta playing all points in between.

The Band’s sound is best described as energized and passionate. He relies on an old guitar, a bass, some skins and ivory keys, and an energy derived from their deep musical roots. Their live shows draw the audience to the band with powerful performances of their original songs. They are steeped in the traditions of their folk, rock and country mentors. Stone has recruited long time friends and collaborators to round out his distinctive sound. The group of musicians share his unparalleled passion and his influences too. Led by Stone’s song-writing, The Dylan Stone Band consistently produce an honest and effusive breed of Canadian rock and roll.

Dylan Stone has established himself as one of Victoria’s hardest working musicians. His song-writing shows depth and maturity beyond his years. He regularly showcases both his own songs and the Americana standards that inspire him. Although Stone does perform as a solo artist, he is at home with his band and when performing together they have drawn comparisons to Wilco, Neil Young and The Band much to their delight.

The members of The Dylan Stone Band are a talented and experienced group of long-term friends who have each achieved individual successes throughout their careers in the music industry. They are ; Andrew Poirier (bass), Phil Shaver (guitar), Sean Thompson (drums), and Chris Van Sickle (keys).


Man Made Lake has evolved into a rock sound that will allure listeners. Electronic elements combine with distortion; blues currents slam into progressive rhythms and it all runs together to form Man Made Lake’s unique sound. The band has changed and grown over the years from their humble beginnings in Victoria to playing festivals and developing their craft to sold-out shows in China, then back to their homeland where they began to build an expanding and enthusiastic fan base. Named “Best Emerging Band” by Monday Magazine at the 2012 M Awards and declared 1 of 4 Acts to Watch in 2013 by the Times-Colonist, MML is poised to take the world by storm. With their 2012 album “Murky Waters” nominated for a Vancouver Island Music Award and already having shared billing with Great Lake Swimmers and The British Columbians, Man Made Lake is becoming a fixture in the BC music scene. The group consists of six chaps led by frontman Colin Craveiro. The beauty of Man Made Lake is in the diversity; a variety of influences and personalities lead to a distinct sound. This is a band that strives to never make the same song twice, yet always stays true to their ethos of imaginative music. Dedicated and devoted, the men of MML will stop at nothing to see their music spread far and wide.


Vancouver Island-based Cory Friesenhan is embarking on a path much different from his efforts as an electronic music vocalist, to return to his roots as an energetic and passionate singer/songwriter. His upcoming record, ‘A Wolf At The Door’, is an honest and heartfelt collection of songs drawing on his experiences and his journey towards self awareness.

Whether discussing his pure love of Vancouver Island (Home), the dark and often misunderstood struggle with depression (Monsters), or the limits one goes to for the ones they love (Hanging Stone), Cory possesses a heart-on-his-sleeve approach to his music and his shows, which gives the audience the feeling of an honest connection with the artist.

A Wolf At The Door is scheduled for a spring/summer 2016 release.


Dia-Nos consists of two Musicians, one Dia the other Nostic. Dia-Nos use ancient sayings, symbols, and instruments, combined with a modern sound in there music. Dia & Nostic produce their beats as a team. Live; Dia vibrantly djs through a Kaoss Pad while Nostic spits over it in a multitude of languages including: English, Spanish, Latin & Greek. Their music consists of tribal, Word, Hip-Hop, House, Electro, Trap, Chill and more.

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Jade is a 23-year-old Canadian singer out of Vancouver, BC. Recognized for her deep, seductive vocals, and unique blend of R&B, Soul, and Jazz, she has quickly built a dedicated following of fans and supporters.

Jade can be found performing in venues across Canada, or in the studio arranging music and lyrics for her debut EP.

Channeling powerhouse divas such as Etta James and Billie Holiday, the soulful sound of her classically trained jazz vocals have been compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse and Sam Smith.


RamblerSpeak is a folk-indie group emerging from Victoria, BC. Norah Erickson on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jordan Lambeth on electric guitar,Torsten Gran-Rauz on the bass and our newest addition Brady Zomer on drums.


Victoria’s The Choir is a non-auditioned, community choir that sings all-original arrangements of pop, folk and indie music. What started as a small project based out of Larsen Music in early 2013 turned big in no time: 100 great people who love to sing their hearts out! The Choir has had a string of very fun and successful concerts, and performances at Rifflandia 2014 and 2015, and the 2015 Campbell Bay Music Festival. We’ve taken the stage with Adam Cohen, Pharis and Jason Romero, Choir!Choir!Choir!, Aidan Knight, Sara Marreiros and more. The Choir is directed by Marc Jenkins and accompanied by Danuel Tate.

The Choir was started by first director Anne Schaefer, who laid the initial foundation for all that has followed. After a year, Anne left to travel the world, and has since returned to Victoria and started The Collective.

The Choir sings songs by Alvvays, Bruce Springsteen, Radiohead, St. Vincent Talking Heads, Jonsi, Alt J and more!


Ellice Blackout
Colossal drums, towering walls of guitars and a fierce and commanding voice. The unity of these elements in early 2013 quite literally blew a city transformer outside of their rehearsal space and Ellice Blackout was born.
The five members of the band, already well seasoned musicians and performers, found within each other a perfect solidarity of musical approach: electrifying energy, collaborative musicianship and monumental fun . Ellice Blackout has earned a vibrant following after only two years of main stage shows. Recently, Ellice Blackout has headlined shows at Sugar Nightclub and the Rifflandia Festival in Victoria.


Wired To The Sky is the new collaborative project from Canadian musicians Dylan Perkons (Mind That Bird), Pat McTaggart (Tofu Stravinsky), Michael Van Lewis (Subarctic) and Spencer “Nevada” Brown (Skag Barons).

Mining the depths of folk rock with healthy doses of psychedelia and excursions into otherworldly blues, the group locates the often overlooked common ground between Neil Young, John Fahey and Can, creating guitar-driven music with a powerful rhythmic pulse. Taking equal inspiration from the great storytellers of Nashville and the weird, wild psyche of 60s California, Wired To The Sky combine the hypnotizing fingerpicking of the piedmont blues with the exploratory drone of psyche rock to deliver an enthralling and emotive live performance.”


The STACKS are a rock n’ roll band whose toes are simultaneously dipped in the waters of traditional blues, soul, and southern and experimental rock. Made up of blood brothers Jordan (guitar/vocals) and Matt Lineker (bass/vocals), and soul brother Ben Wengel (drums), the STACKS draw inspiration from Alabama Shakes, Portugal. The Man, The Black Keys, and Jack White (among many others) in attempts to create rock n’ roll that is raucous, innovative, and passionate


Hailing from Vancouver Island, Zoubi and the Sea is rapidly evolving into a force to be reckoned with. Growing from their sound rooted in folk music, the tides have turned them into one hell of a soulful rock band, They pair sultry saxophone solos with dynamic instrumentals to accompany Zoubi’s timeless vocals. Their performance swells with passion and leaves you with all the feels. Forming in 2015, the quartet crafts folk-rock melodies reminiscent of Feist or Tegan and Sara. In August of 2015, Zoubi released her solo album mastered at Baker Studios and embarked East on an EP release tour together with Devarrow. Influenced by The Black Keys, Metric and The Alabama Shakes, Zoubi and the Sea will surely keep you afloat.

This year, the band won the “Play Song and Surf Festival” competition, where they shared a bill with Man Made Lake. From there they earned themselves a spot opening for Jon and Roy alongside The Wild Romantics. They are currently in the studio recording their debut album.


We are an Alternative band from Nanaimo.
Percussion/Writer/ Back Up Vocals:Troy Pawloski
Lead Guitar/Synth/Writer/Lead Singer:Travis Adams
Bass/Writer: Hogan Smith

Stetson Road

Led by lead singer and guitar player James Burroughs, Stetson Road is a country act from Gabriola Island. They perform both with James solo and as a full band, and can play to a variety of venue sizes. Whether on the drums, the bass, the banjo or the guitar, James has been writing music since he was a teenager, taking inspiration from his family, his friends and his life in general. The music of Stetson Road is a short view into those most cherished parts of his life, as well as the heartache that comes alongside it all.


The Bad are here to rock your soul. They deliver the emotional, passionate Rock N Roll that singer/songwriter Ryan Olszewski feels is severely lacking in current modern music. “I know that it is out there, you can find it, but digging for the style of music I want to hear is getting harder every day.” The Bad pack the punch of classic rock, and blend it with the influences of their thick record collections, giving them a classic yet fresh vibe. Sounds of psychedelic guitars, roots rock stomp, blues, and straight up house-rocking anthems are all over their debut album Seasons. They wear their influences on their sleeves. Rock & Roll comes in the form of Bruce Springsteen and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Country and folk influences are easily found in the form of such classics as Jennings, Cash, and Van Zandt. This all shines through in a way like Lucero and Ryan Bingham do, mixing it with a punk grit.

Consisting of former and current members of notable bands such as Smith & Lyseng, Aegis Fang, No Horses , Gypsy Hacks & Insomniacs, and The Dylan Stone Band, The Bad comes from a very diverse background. “We all came from different backgrounds, but we all knew and respected each other well before we decided to give it a go as a band. After a few rehearsals, we knew that it was the lineup we’d been looking for,” said Ryan Olszewski . As soon as Ryan Olszewski (guitar/vocals), Nathaniel Noel (guitar/vocals), Jordan Cunningham (bass), and Tyler Jackson Piercy (drums) hit the stage, they started sharing it with the most notable acts in their hometown of Victoria. Packed shows with bands such as The Chantrelles, Bonehoof, Smith & Lyseng, Percheron, & Shoestring Bourbon have quickly became the norm.

Their debut album Seasons is out now and they plan to support that album with shows around Western Canada. Buy the vinyl at your local brick & mortar shop, at a show, or you can buy the digital copy here.


From Nanaimo BC, Ah, Venice is the brainchild of Chris Thompson; Featuring eloquent lyrics and intimate performances, Ah, Venice is a crowd favourite.


Started in the summer of 2015, Young Babylon indulges in the deepest quintessential meanings of life, purpose, and character. Also we play music.


Maverick Cinema is an independent folk-rock band based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. There influences include bands and artists like City & Colour, Dan Mangan, Current Swell, Half Moon Run, and Good for Grapes. They have recently finished the recording of their debut EP, which is slated for an early 2016 release.

The project was formed in early 2015 by singer/songwriter Marshal Dillabough, and drummer/percussionist Cam Harper as a two piece collaboration. Since the recording of their debut EP the band has since expanded into a 5 piece including some of Nanaimo’s brightest musicians.

Since their arrival upon the Islands music scene, they have become one of the most ambitious musical acts on Vancouver Island. Even in their short lifespan as a band they prove that they have no intentions of slowing down. With powerful, raw, and emotional instrumentation along with haunting lyrical storytelling the music will make you want to dance, cry, laugh, and sing all at once. Maverick Cinema is a band that strives to be felt, to be listened to and make everyone in the room understand what it means to be human. To make a strong intimate connection with the people, the music, and themselves is what they strive to perform.


Ian Perry is a singer, songwriter and musician who lived on Gabriola Island . Now makes his home in Nanaimo, BC. His main instrument is guitar but he also plays bass, drums and piano. He began performing at the age of 10.

He has since performed in numerous venues including Headliners School of Performing Arts, the Diner’s Rendezvous (as a guest of Shaun Verreault of Wide Mouth Mason), the David Foster Miracle Weekend,The Duncan Garage Showroom, The Nanaimo Blues Festival, The Nanaimo Marine Festival, and the Queens Hotel in Nanaimo.


Blending violin, trumpet, cello, guitar, ukulele and vocals, Close The Bombay Doors is the alias of Victoria based singer-songwriter, Ajay Parikh-Friese. Winning a Vancouver Island Music Award two year in a row (as well as being a five-time nominee), this 17-year-old has performed at a number of events including the Rifflandia Music Festival in Victoria. He is in the process of recording his debut album, ‘This Right Here’, drawing inspiration from City and Colour, Aidan Knight, Beirut, and Sufjan Stevens. When not playing solo, his performance band includes himself on guitar, uke, and vocals, Hailey Phillips on violin, Tuli Porcher on cello and viola, Logan Chester on bass, Cody Norton-Steeple on drumset, and Ben Parker on trumpet and flugelhorn.


Weak Patrol is an Indie Rock and Roll band based out of Victoria, British Columbia Canada. They are best described as a high-energy, tongue-in-cheek Rock group looking to entertain and amaze local audiences while making a name for themselves in the Canadian Music Industry.

The band was originally created in 2010 but underwent several member changes early on before becoming official in 2011. Their current line up consists of:

*Caleb Kennedy – Singer/Songwriter/Guitar Player
*Willis Schneider – Songwriter/Bassist
*Jaime Nolan – Singer/Songwriter/Lead Guitarist
*Dekan Delaney – Drummer/Cow Bell/Back-up vocalist

Weak Patrol has been performing primarily around Victoria, British Columbia for the past two years promoting their first album Weak Patrol – Greatest Hits. They have also made appearances throughout Vancouver Island and the lower mainland at a variety of venues including many festivals.

The members of Weak Patrol are currently focusing on the completion of their second studio album, which is expected to be released by late spring/ early summer 2016


Graham Keehn is a producer/drummer based out of Victoria, BC


9Volt Whiskey started 4 years ago with a love for surf rock and funk. They are now a 4-piece featuring wicked original drumming, surf funky guitar, boss bass holding it down while various melodies spill out of the flute and saxophones.


Experimental band “Pull the Lever!!!” cover and compose songs using an array of genres, and instrumentation. These Cowichan locals put the final pieces of their band together in early February of 2016. Primary writer and keyboardist Ashten Drouillard plays 26 instruments in innumerable styles. With a lifetime of musical experience, Ashten formerly wrote and played for the metal band, “Athen’s Gate”. Lead Singer Melaura adds to this eclectic sound with over 6 instruments. She has been heavily involved with music for over 16 years and teaches out of Duncan Music. Searching for the sea, Jayden moved from Lethbridge, Alberta and has drummed and played many instruments in bands out east. Together, “Pull the Lever!!!” strive to send positive messages to the world, while just having fun and enjoying the ride!


DJ LOW is a turntablist known for blending classic and contemporary forms of urban music, transitioning between eras of Hip Hop, Rap, R&B and Soul music. A DJ Low set can go anywhere from Gang Starr to Kendrick Lamar to James Brown and anything in between. On the low, he’s been known for fostering the local Victoria hip hop scene for over a decade, performing with Canadian artists such as Skratch Bastid, Josh Martinez, Peanuts & Corn Records, and more. This year Low was blessed to be on lineups with Souls of Mischief, Slum Village, Pete Rock, Yo Gotti, Wave Chapelle, Def3, Madchild, Snak, Relic, Ghettosocks, SonReal, DFE and Sweatshop Union. Low’s rocked sets at musical tribute nights including 90’s Hip Hop Night with DJ Flipout (Van) and Jesse Manason, Jay Z & Beyonce night with DJ Shrew, Drake/Rihanna night with Alex Davies, and the NWA Tribute night with DJ Speedyshoes. Low is the house DJ for Victoria’s monthly Hip Hop Karaoke (HHK) at Lucky Bar. He also holds down a regular spot at Sticky, Lucky Bar’s Future Rap/Trap/Hip Hop night. Stay Fresh, Get Low.


Ariane Gagnon Tardif, “Luney TØones” is from Montreal, QC, CANADA and moved to Victoria in 2014 graduating from the Victoria Academy of Dramatic Arts.


YOMADA is the young, old-time, music and dance association, a non-profit group from Victoria, BC that connects dance music of the old-time tradition with modern day dancers and partiers. It’s sure to get you off your seat and on your feet with called dances and fast paced old-time music. As always, old-time square dances are taught on the spot, and no prior experience is necessary. YOMADA’s house band, Damian Ritchie, Brad Decker, Alan Law, Lisa Feeney, and other Victoria old-time musicians always bring the whole crowd together for a memorable dance you won’t want to miss.